How to set up Postback Tracking in Trackier

Step One: Grab your smart link from YTZ

Login to your YTZ account and grab a campaign link to get started! If you need any assistance or have any questions about the campaigns, please reach out to your account manager.

1. In the YTZ dashboard, go to the Campaigns section on the left-hand side. You can filter the campaign section by name, country, geo etc. to narrow down your selection.

2. When you have chosen an offer, click on the offer name to see a preview, payouts and an offer description.

3. Scroll down to the Tracking Link section and agree to the terms to generate your unique tracking link. Copy the URL.

4. Since we will be setting a global postback for your entire account, you can leave the postback section blank at the bottom for all of your campaigns.

Step Two: Create a campaign in Trackier

1. Login to Trackier and go to the Advertisers tab.

2. Under the Actions drop down menu, click Add New Advertiser.

3. Fill out the details and hit Save.

4. Go to the Campaign tab and click Create Campaign.

5. Paste your YTZ offer link in the Default Campaign URL box.

6. Add ?s1= to the end of your URL.

7. Click the button for {click_id} to add it to the URL.

8. Fill out the rest of the information and hit Create. You will be taken to the details of the campaign you just created.

9. Scroll down to the Conversion Tracking section on the right side. Select Network Global Postback from the drop down menu. Copy the URL (this is your postback link).

Step Three: Add your postback to your YTZ account

The final step is adding your Trackier postback to YTZ so that you can start sending traffic!

1. Login to YTZ and go to the Postback section of the dashboard.

2. Click Add Postback.

3. Make sure you have Account selected from the top menu and that the correct protocol is selected (http or https).

4. Paste your postback URL in the bottom section (without http:// or https:// included).

5. Replace CLICK_ID with {S1}.

6. Click Create Postback.

Step Four: Add a YTZ Smart Link as a fallback on your Campaigns in Trackier

1. Open one of your campaigns in Trackier and scroll to the Targeting section on the right. Click Edit.

2. Under Campaign Targeting, click +New Targeting Block.

3. Select Country as the variable and select Allow. Add all of the allowed countries for that campaign in the Value box.

4. Grab your YTZ smart link URL and paste it in the section for Fallback URL.

5. Hit Save. Now all of your traffic that doesn’t match the geo criteria of your campaign will be redirected to the smart link. Feel free to add more targeting rules for different traffic criteria. To find out more about how our smart link works go here.


Your postback in YTZ should look like this:{S1}&security_token=b5f28ab222503022dc15

Then your YTZ offer link should look like this in Trackier:{click_id}

That’s it - You are ready to start sending traffic!

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements for this guide please contact us at or reach out to your AM directly.