How to Set Up International Redirects in HasOffers (Advanced)

In this guide I am going to show you how to implement YTZ International as global redirect within your network with tracking. This method will allow you to track the revenue generated right inside of HasOffers and payout publishers (optional). The advantage of this vs our simple method is that it allows you to use HasOffers to its full potential for statistics, invoicing and testing. To implement this setup you should have be somewhat technical. If you don't care about tracking the revenue inside HasOffers we recommend our simple version of this guide.

Creating YTZ as an Advertiser

Step 1:  Login to HasOffers and click “Advertisers” and then select “Create Advertiser” and set up YTZ as an advertiser.

Step 2:  The select “Offers” and choose “Create Offer”

Step 3:  Get the Campaign URL from Affiliate Network Global Rotator Campaign ID: 42

We recommend the following format:{offer_name}&s1={affiliate_id}&s2={aff_sub}&s3={aff_sub2}&s4={aff_sub3}&s5={aff_sub4}

Step 4:  In HasOffers, under the “Create Offer” screen- set the advertiser to YTZ and input the YTZ link as the “Default Offer URL”

Step 5:  Set the default URL and set conversion tracking to “Server Postback with Transaction ID”

Step 6:  Set-Revenue as “Revenue per Sale (RPS)” and Percent Revenue of Sale at “100%” and Payout as “CPS” and Percent cost of sale at what percentage you want to pay your affiliates. 0% means no payout to affiliates - 80% means 80% goes to affiliates ect.

Step 7:  Set targeting to all devices and all regions

Step 8:  View the offer and pull a link for an affiliate. Keep this link handy as you will need it later.

Adding the Offer as global redirect in HasOffers

Step 9:  In the top toolbar, go to “Company”, from the drop-down list select “Customize Application,” then select the heading “Tracking Settings”

Step 10:  Under “Default Redirect URL” make sure this setting is set to “Enabled”

Step 11:  Add the url you copied from Step 8 but make some slight changes signified in red

In the default redirect URL use the following format:{affiliate_id}&aff_sub={aff_sub}&aff_sub2={aff_sub2}&aff_sub3={aff_sub3}&aff_sub4={aff_sub4}&aff_sub5={aff_sub5}&source={source}& referraloffer={offer_name}

Setting up Tracking In YTZ

Step 12:  Grab your Postback from HasOffers

Step 13:  Add your Postback in YTZ here in the following format: changes signified in red{REVENUE}&transaction_id={SUB1}

You're done! If you do not require tracking in your own platform there is always the Simple Hasoffer redirect guide or your account manager would be happy to assist.

If you have any suggestions or improvements for this guide please send me an email at