Frequently Asked Questions


YTZ has worked with redirect traffic for over 5 years, and in affiliate marketing since 2001.

We currently operate in Toronto and Victoria.

Once you sign up you will be given a unique redirect link,and access to real time reporting.

There is no minimum amount of traffic.

YTZ specializes in popunders, direct navigation, affiliate network redirects, and mobile traffic.We also monetize adult,content lock and incent traffic.Werequire that our partners disclose their traffic types.This will ensure proper optimization and provide the greatest return.

We use a combination of custom designed landing pages created by our design team, and CPA offers directly from the advertiser to produce the best possible conversion rates. When youre direct traffic to your unique tracking link, uniques and revenue are automatically sent to our reporting system. Based on your traffic statistics, optimizations will be made on an ongoing basis,including rotating in new offers,advertisers,designs,etc. Continual testing ensures that your traffic is performing at an optimal level.

With over 250 countries monetized, our international solutions are the best. Since we have large volumes of international traffic, advertisers give us the highest payouts possible, and we pass these benefits directly to you.

Yes we do! Our referral program offers 5% based on the referral accounts revenue for 6 months. Simply pass your referral link on to anyone you know who has traffic they want to monetize and start making money!

Statistics and Tracking

When you sign up, a login is created, allowing access to stats on

YTZ provides real time stats updated hourly.

Yes, up to 5 sub ID parameters are supported.

Yes, YTZ supports server to server pixels.

Yes, YTZ has a fully supported and documented API, so you can easily import your statistics into any other system.

YTZ statistics are displayed in EST (GMT-5).

YTZ uses a geo IP database, which is continually updated.


Default payment terms for affiliates are semi-monthly net 15. Example August 1-15 will be paid August 30.

YTZ has several payment methods available; each with a different threshold for payment.
You may change your payment method at any time.
Please note any changes to the payment method within the last 5 business days of your scheduled payment may result in your payment being deferred until the next payment date.

Payment Method Threshold Currency Option
PayPal $50.00 USD Only
ACH (USA Only) $50.00 USD Only
Wire (Domestic) $1,000.00 USD or Local
Wire (International) $1,000.00 USD or Local
eCheck (N. Amer & Europe) $500.00 Local Currency
Check $600.00 USD Only

* Please note that some methods may be subjected to third party processing and take additional business days to receive.

YTZ makes all payments in USD by default. However additional currencies are available at standard bank exchange rates.


YTZ defines a visitor as a unique IP and user agent per tracking ID in a 24 hour period.

A calculation of revenue per thousand visitors (Revenue/Visitors*1000).

A tracking ID segments traffic into different groups.